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HALO 25 Coming Soon!

The next evolution of indoor air filtration

  • Combines Erlab’s world class Carbon filtration with H14 HEPA Filtration
  • UV-germicidal radiation of filters
  • Continuous Real-Time Monitoring & Reporting

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Introducing the HALO 25

Halo 25 provides a holistic solution to improving your facility’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). With HALO’s already well-know and patented ceiling placement design we have combined sensing technology that provides real-time data of the ambient atmosphere and the ability to integrate two primary filters (1 Carbon and 1 HEPA H14). The sensors are not just indicators of pollution spikes, rather they provide the necessary data needed to ensure not only your facility remains free from harmful pollutants but also ensures the effectiveness of the HALO. There are four main sensors built into the HALO, Particulate sensor, VOC sensor, Temperature and humidity sensor, and a Co2 sensor. All sensors will take repeated samples of the room’s air and report back the collected data to your connected device. With this data you will know how many particles are in the air at all times with a true measurement according to ISO 14644, you will get the data of overall VOC load, and Co2 ppm values.

The Most Advanced Filtration on the Market

Carbon Filtration

This is not your average mesh Carbon filter or the carbon filters you see right through. The Carbon filter used in the HALO are the same Carbon filters used in laboratories across the Globe. Carbon filtration is a delicate science and the only way to truly capture harmful VOCs is to understand the delicate balance of air-flow and proper residency time. Just putting Carbon in a filter is not enough, it requires expertise and know-how.

HEPA Filtration

Erlab uses only H14 HEPA filters. No secrets just pure HEPA filtration. The challenge however is getting pollutants to the filter efficiently and effectively, which is why placement and air movement is critical. We are not interested is catching the dust bunnies on the ground we care about what your lungs cant filter or shouldn’t be filtering.

UV-Germicidal Radiation

Positioned above the filters and turned on only when activated, the UV light will deactivate any contaminants on the filters before replacement or as a regular scheduled maintenance.

Continuous Real-Time Monitoring & Reporting

Continuous monitoring of harmful particulates between 5 and  <2.5 microns. Monitoring of particles also validates the HALOs performance with cross reference data to base line particle counts.

Co2 monitors are essential in maintaining a healthy environment. With continuous monitoring of Co2 levels you can ensure that the ppm values never surpass the OSHA recommendation and will help maintain stability in your energy consumption by not having to prematurely or over use the HVAC system for fresh air intake

Temperature and humidity is also essential to both comfort and health and plays the same role as the Co2 monitor. Knowing that humidity remains at the right balance also reduces growth of bacteria and propagation of viruses.

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