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HEPA filtered solution uniquely designed for optimized performance

Designed for laboratories now made available to all markets for improved IAQ and the mitigation of airborne pathogens.

Halo P HEPA air purification stations capture viruses, bacteria, allergens and other generalized pollution (PM 2.5) with the power of improved room mixing and the delicate balance of proper airflow. The efficiency of improved ventilation effectiveness with the power of the H14 HEPA filter delivers results exclusive to the Halo air filtration system.

Protect the air you breathe.

Originally developed to capture pathogens (viruses, bacteria, etc.) from the air in biology laboratories, Halo P air purification stations are your trusted and proven technology to reduce the risks associated with exposure to poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and are recommended for any enclosed or poorly ventilated space.

Current markets we serve outside the lab world are (K-12, Higher Education, restaurants, long-term care facilities, Office suites, food manufacturing, gyms,  etc.) In response to the pandemic, Halo is a crucial piece for any mitigation strategy.

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The Halo provides a permanent, and proven solution to improve the air you breathe without the need to upgrade your HVAC and operational costs associated with increased air changes.
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Classrooms, libraries, cafeterias and dining halls, etc.

Hotels and restaurants

Restaurants, bars, etc.


Shopping malls, department stores, etc.

Assisted Living

Patient room, hallways, activity centers, etc.

Other enclosed or confined spaces

Gyms, spas, elevators, etc.
Filtre purificateur d'air Halo P

Not just another filter. The Halo uses the largest filter on the market with no gimmicks, just pure and proven H14 Medical grade filtration.

Erlab equips its Halo P HEPA air purification stations with a laboratory grade HEPA H14 particulate filter or, if necessary, an ULPA U16 or U17 particulate filter for situations posing the highest health risks.
Compliant with the EN 1822 particulate filtration standard, the HEPA and ULPA filters provided for the Halo P air purification system ensure ultra-low particle penetration and can achieve a pollution-free air filtration efficiency of between 99.995% (HEPA H14 filter) and 99.999995% (ULPA U17 filter) at the systems airflow exhaust. The real results come in understanding the load concentration reductions that truly occur when the Halo is installed in your facility. These are the results only delivered by Erlab during both controlled and real-world studies.
These filters are designed for the most complex health situations. They effectively and significantly reduce the spread of all viral and bacterial pollutants, particulate matter and allergens. These filters are the same as those used in all laboratory microbiological safety cabinets for handling pathogenic microorganisms in total safety.
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The ultimate defense against particulate matter (PM 2.5).

Particulate matter, or PM, refers to particles suspended in the atmosphere.
It can originate naturally (volcanoes, forest fires, etc.) or due to human activity (diesel, open fires, etc.). A high level of fine or ultrafine particles in the air is a health risk factor which leads to decreased life expectancy. PM is, as a category, classed as carcinogenic for humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), and its inhalation causes or aggravates numerous cardiovascular disorders including myocardial infarction, stroke, and heart failure.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), PM2.5 (less than 2.5 µm in diameter) kills more than 4,000,000 people per year. Chronic exposure to these particles increases the risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Children and the elderly are most at risk.
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Pied d'un homme près d'un pot d'échappement avec de la fumée

Would any HEPA filter work to mitigate risks to harmful exposures?

Simply put, No. Filters are only part of the story and a very important piece at that, but without the proper design, placement (ceiling), engineering and technical expertise, achieving whole room level virus mitigation is not possible.
Consideration of air distribution patterns, and ventilation effectiveness (VEFF) play a significant role in the air purifiers performance. The Halo, though equipped with a true medical grade H14 HEPA filter, was specifically designed to ensure we achieve the best air distribution patterns and increased VEFF to achieve true virus mitigation and total dose concentration reductions. The Halo is the only air purifier to provide data based on real-world conditions, and not misleading results achieved only in perfectly controlled conditions.
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Air safety and energy savings

A single device provides a complete cycle equivalent air change rate per hour (eACH)  for every 10,000  ft³ of air, which is the volume of air in a room with 1,000 ft² of floorspace. It works continuously to entirely replenish the air in a room. More units in a space will provide more air changes per hour. Every customers space is different and every customer is provided with a tailored plan based on several factors including occupancy density factors. 
Installing Halo’s throughout your facility provides increased air change rates, improved room mixing, or ventilation effectiveness (VEFF) and 24/7 HEPA filtration. . The Halo provides a permanent infrastructure improvement sustainably without the need for costly upgrades to your HVAC (Heating – Ventilation – Air Conditioning).
Each Halo consumes a total of 50W of energy making the Halo a much more cost effective solution than energy costs which are absorbed from an increase in your existing HVAC air turnovers and if possible filters. The higher grade filter the greater the restriction of air , which means the fan will have to work harder and the efficiency of your HVAC could very likely be compromised.
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Épurateur d'air Halo Smart

Easy to install and use

Halo P air purification stations are easily installed in the ceiling and take up no floorspace, unlike other air filtration systems on the market. Their elevated position puts them out of the user’s way.
The Halo’s are directly connected to the building’s power, eliminating the possibility of being unplugged. They are designed to operate 24/7 and carry out real-time room level treatment of large quantities of air.
Smart technology
Halo air purification stations are equipped with Smart technology. They can communicate simply and intuitively with the user using a bright halo LED light which indicates:

The operational status

The need to replace the filter

The operational status of the fan and fan set points


The Halo can also connect to your smartphone, allowing you to monitor their operational status remotely and adjust settings such as fan speed, and light sensitivity.

eGuard App




The inside look of Halo

Lightning LED pulse
Alarm contact for BMS/BAS
Ethernet port
Ceiling suspension rings
Clean air injectors
Particulate filter
Pre filter
Access chamber
Optional Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI)
Flashing LED lights (Smart technology) for real-time communication and intuitive updates for the user on the device’s operational status
Internal BMS port
Ethernet port for remote safety monitoring
Four ceiling suspension rings
Four clean air diffusers for uniform circulation of air throughout the room
Modular filtration column exclusive to ERLAB, allowing 2 high-quality HEPA and ULPA particulate filters to be used
Pre-filter for the absorption of the largest airborne particles (hair, dust, etc.)
Access chamber for easy filter and fan replacement

Filter options

Two filter options are available for Erlab’s Halo P air stations:
  • -A powerful HEPA H14 filter to detect and filter particles and aerosols : 99.995% pure air
  • An ultra-powerful ULPA U16 or U17 filter to filter a wide range of particles and aerosols : 99.999995% pure air


Easy to use and install



Product specifications


Specific treatment

Viral and bacterial particles, dust, allergens

Area covered

1,000 ft2

Air flow rate

10,594 ft3 / hour

Standards compliance

*Filtration performance tested under the conditions of the France EN 1822: 2019 standard (HEPA H14 & ULPA U16 filter) – CE marking

Mode of operation

24/7, Day/Night


On the ceiling using the 4 included suspension rings

External width

23.3 in

External length

35.1 in

External height

11.9 in


68 lb including filter

Energy consumption

50 W

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