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Air purification solutions
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Industries Served

Safe and clean air is important to everyone and Erlab is proud to serve a variety of industries in purifying the air, wherever people gather. Erlab’s HALO air purification stations are proven to improve indoor air quality by removing viruses, allergens, bacteria, and environmental pollution independent from your existing HVAC system. No expensive and time-consuming renovation required!


Keep your indoor air safe from today’s threats and tomorrow’s air challenges

Poor indoor air quality can lead to a variety of health problems, increasing absenteeism and affecting test scores and productivity. With HALO air purification stations, you can create a safe, productive environment for both students and staff.

  • Reduce the risk of airborne viral transmission
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) without costly HVAC upgrades
  • Mitigate exposure from mold, fungi, and bacteria
  • Healthier air means less absenteeism, better engagement, and happier students and teachers
  • Increases Air Change equivalence of up to 4 eACH, improving ventilation effectiveness and room air mixing, increasing dilution factors.
  • Permanent infrastructure solution without the infrastructure cost
  • Proven results as shown in real-world data with an optional pre and post-installation  validation program


Give customers a safer experience and improve your bottom line

Your customers expect great service and safety is the bottom line. Anywhere people gather, airborne pathogens pose a risk. Air quality is as important as food quality. Protect your customers and employees by guaranteeing that the air they breathe is safe and clean.

  • Reduce the risk of airborne viral transmission
  • Create customer comfort using air filtration with proven real-world results
  • Permanently address issues associated with the pandemic, future viral outbreaks, and general pollution concerns. Be prepared so your business doesn’t have to suffer 
  • Proven results with an optional pre and post-installation validation program

Long-Term Care

Control airborne hazards for a happy, healthy community with HALO above

Airborne risks pose a unique challenge for administrators, staff, and residents. Air quality control enables you to mitigate the dangers of viral transmission and exposure to harmful particles.

  • Reduce the risk of viral airborne  transmission
  • Mitigate exposure to mold, fungi, and bacteria
  • Increase residents’ quality of life with healthier air
  • Provide a cleaner environment equivalent to an ISO 8 cleanroom
  • Create an environment of comfort for staff knowing the air they breathe is being treated


Control indoor air quality for staff health and a greener environment

HALO air purification stations capture chemical emissions at the source in an ultra-high-efficiency activated carbon filter. HALO air purification stations guarantee a high level of air quality without having to resort to cumbersome and expensive air renewal systems or connections to HVAC systems.

  • Reduce risks associated with chemical inhalation
  • Continuously monitor the pollution loads within your lab space
  • With a combination of HEPA and Carbon HALO delivers an environment that is ultra-clean based on ISO 14644 cleanroom standards (ISO 8 equivalent)

Office environments

Attract top employees & safely get back to the office with HALO above

It’s time to get back to the office but now, more than ever, it is important to make sure your staff stays safe and healthy. Indoor air quality is easily overlooked but with HALO air purification stations you can mitigate the risks of airborne transmission independent from your office’s HVAC system. Protect your employees, ensuring they stay healthy, happy, and productive.

  • Provide your staff with a sense of confidence that the airborne transmission risk is being addressed with proven results and through a validation program
  • Eliminate inadequacies in your building’s HVAC system. HALO addresses room mixing, dilution, and increased air changes per hour.
  • A permanent infrastructure solution without the installation cost
  • Proven real-world results with an optional pre and post-validation program

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